The famous motto of Toys "R" Us is "I don't wanna grow up!". Sure it's aimed at kids, but I think it applies to more of us than maybe we admit sometimes.

Be honest, who hasn't enjoyed playing with the gadgets at Brookstone or The Apple Store. Is it because they're shiny, fancy, and expensive? No, it because it's fun!

Recently I was at the Bridgewater Mall and noticed that there was a special giveaway at the Lego Store through FourSquare on my iPhone. If you stop in to the store, they'll give you a free block. Sure it's silly, and there's not much you can do with a single Lego block. But ya know got me to go in to the store. And that's where I saw this:

I was immediately 12 years old again. I wanted it. Bad.

And do you know what I did? I got it.

I mean why not, right? What's wrong with being an adult and playing with Legos? I don't have kids, nieces, or nephews. I wasn't going to sit down with a kid and put it together. It was for me. So what?

And can I tell you, I loved putting it together!

It's just over 1200 pieces and it took me about a week of working on it for a couple hours every evening. Sure it was frustrating at times (who among us hasn't put together a Lego set and looked at the scattered pieces for a solid 10 minutes thinking "where is the square grey piece with four holes? I can find the six and the two, but there has to be a four here!!"), but there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of clicking in that last piece, taking a step back, and admiring your hard work.

Which, of course, I took a picture of:

It now proudly sits on top of my entertainment center for all to see.

Sure, when we get to adulthood we have added responsibilities, we have to be a little more mature, and can't be quite as dismissive of the seriousness of the world as we could before. But if you ask me, we all need to take some time to feel like a kid again.

So get a Lego set for yourself, play some video games, or climb a jungle gym.

What's your favorite thing to do to bring you back to childhood? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!