Whether we're conscious of it or not, we all have little patterns that we follow. And some tiny little thing that changes even a small portion of that pattern can completely throw us off.

This morning was a perfect example for me. Normally when I shower, it goes shampoo, soap, face wash. This morning, for whatever reason, I picked up the soap first. And after I was done rinsing the Irish Spring off, I honestly couldn't remember if I had washed my hair yet or not. It's ridiculous, but that tiny little change in my normal pattern completely confused me.

It's those little things that we do without thinking, that when we do think about it, we don't realize how unconscious it has become, and it can honestly perplex us.

So what kinds of little things throw you off? Do you have to make your breakfast in a particular order? If someone takes your usual parking spot, do you forget where your car is when you go back to it? Comment below and let us know what things that seem minor can actually stress you out if it's messed with!