"Wedding" - it's a word that excites some and strikes fear into the hearts of others. When you get invited to a wedding you could be in for a day of fun, great food, and wonderful memories, or you could be subjected to hours of boring speeches, bad music, and a disastrous meal.

My sister got married this past weekend and the whole affair was the definition of class. The ceremony was held at a beautiful church and the reception was at a gorgeous country club in Morris County. The food was fantastic, the DJ was excellent (full disclosure, the DJ is a close friend of mine), and the company was second to none. Nobody got too drunk and made fools of themselves, and no ancient family feuds reared their ugly heads. It was a fantastic day all around.

But we've all been to those weddings where the facility may leave a little to be desired, the entertainment is questionable at best, the food tastes like it's been on a warming table since the engagement was first announced, and Uncle Marty takes advantage of the open bar a little too much.

By the way, I have to give a quick plug to my sister's best friend since grade school and Matron of Honor, Donna, who made that amazing cake that you see above! Check out her Facebook page here.

So when you get those wedding announcements in the mail, what's your first thought? Eager anticipation or sheer terror? Vote on our poll below and feel free to tell us about your best and worst wedding stories in the comments section!