Ocean County Hunger Relief is making a plea for a van donation to help provide transportation to many of the former Lakewood Tent City Homeless residents as they transition into mainstream society. 

The Toms River non-profit agency's Executive Director, Carol Latif, said many of them don't have a way to get to job interviews, work and mental and social services. "Even though they are no longer homeless they need to be taught skills to keep them from going back to the homeless lifestyle," said Latif.

Providing transportation can help make that transition as smooth as possible Latif said. "We have the volunteers to drive the vehicle. We just need a van to be able to do that."

Latif pointed out the vehicle can be claimed as a tax write-off. Anyone interested in donating a vehicle can contact Ocean County Hunger Relief at 732-505-HELP.

Ocean County Hunger Relief is partnering with Beat the Streets Ministries and Monmouth County's School of Social Work to help the former homeless adjust.