During a time where it seems almost en vogue to be pro Palestine and anti Israel, an upcoming event is hoping to combat the negative rap against the State of Israel and high light its positive contributions.

Stand with Israel is an interfaith gathering being hosted by Temple Beth Or of Brick at Ocean County College next month.

"We feel that it's important to show that whether its Jewish, Christian or general community, there are many people who feel we need to stand with Israel just to reassert its right to exist," said Rabbi Robert Rubin of Temple Beth Or.

Rubin calls the event non-political but inspirational and informational.

"We're doing a lot of video presentations, some short speakers, it's an array of different presentations on different issues. We'll have some songs, some music, kind of a combination of a lot of different things," Rubin explained.

Rubin describes the latest mid-east conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as Israel's actions to defend itself.

"You know it's not looking to conquer the Arab world, not looking to take over, it's just looking to not be attacked," he said.

He says at the end of the event, they'll be looking for input to brainstorm future events and positive action steps.

Stand with Israel takes place Sunday, November 9th, at 2p.m. at the Grunin Center of the Arts of Ocean County College.