Fresh off his Primary victory, Tom MacArthur, the Third Congressional District Republican nominee, discussed his views and provided insight into his personal life during an appearance on "Town Square Tonight" Wednesday.

Tom MacArthur/Photo by Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media

The Millionaire former insurance executive and former Randolph Mayor said he believes people want a government that helps without being overly intrusive. He used Obama Care as an example of how Big Brother hurts. "I believe it's a terrible overreach that is currently hindering job creation, but over time, it's going to do worse than that," said MacArthur. He called the Affordable Care Act a massive set of regulations. "Over time I believe that's going to severely deteriorate choice. It's going to cause costs to rise. Doctors aren't going to want to participate in it," MacArthur said.

MacArthur said he supports Tort Reform and thinks allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines and allowing small businesses to pool could bring costs down. "And many, many small employers pooling would create a large base of employees. And those employers would get the benefit of group discounts and they could pass that on to their employees," he said, adding the ideas are common sense market-based reforms that would make a big difference.

MacArthur said he also would like to see a more stable economic environment. He said all levels of government can change the business climate by regulating industry to control bad actors and implementing tax policy. "Taxes, both individual and corporate taxes, I think need to be lower certainly so people can invest more on their own. They need to be flatter and simpler," he said. MacArthur pointed out that tax policy would encourage Americans with earnings overseas to bring money back home instead of investing it in other countries to avoid being taxed in the United States. He said that money could be invested in infrastructure, training and development, or research.

The 53-year-old MacArthur has been married to his college sweetheart for 32 years and said his children have a lot to do with why he's running for office. He lost his disabled daughter at age 11 and has raised two adopted children. "Not only because I want to make our country and this district better for their generation, but I also see the value in every person and I've seen that in my life and I believe I can make a difference." MacArthur said his background as a businessman, his time as a Mayor and Councilman, and his personal life have all shaped and formed him into somebody he believes can get to Washington. "I know it's one person out of 435, but I believe I can break through some of the gridlock and the finger pointing and help to bring a different prospective that helps to solve problems."