It's been 8 months since we first started following the developments at Brick Boulevard and Route 70 in the heart of one of the busiest sections of Ocean County, as a new QuickChek has been taking shape.

In that time, we've seen the area go from the long empty Crown Bank building and abandoned parking lots, to a bustling construction site.

Then, in March, I literally stumbled upon a gaggle of QuickChek executives and straight up asked them when the new Brick location would be opening.

They told me that the target date was mid to late July and, to QuickChek's credit, they seem to be working at a rapid pace, as the signature lime green canopy has been raised above the site in the past few weeks.

We'll be keeping our eyes on the site, just next to the Best Buy plaza, and will keep you updated when a solid opening date is announced!


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