It's the day after Halloween.

There are a couple scenarios you're probably dealing with right now:

You didn't get enough candy and by 6:30 you had to shut off the porch light and watch TV in the bedroom so nobody knew you were home.

You got way too much candy and still have 3/4th of it left.

Or, with apologies to my mother, for some reason kids are afraid of your house and you didn't give any of your candy out.

So today you're either dealing with a glut of miniature candy bars, sour treats, and gummy goodies, or you're dealing with a stomach ache.

What do you do with the left overs? Do you bring them in to work and share with your co-workers, or do you keep them around and enjoy a treat for yourself every now and again? (Or, if you're me, every 10 minutes).