We've all done it. We've all made impulse buys. Those things that we don't need, but we see it, and we want it, so we get it.

I've actually been mulling the possibility of a pretty significant impulse buy for literally months now.

I suppose, by strict definition, you can't really call it an impulse buy if I've been thinking about it for a couple of months. But it definitely qualifies as something that I don't need, but something that I found out was available and something that I have wanted for, no joke, almost 20 years.

Being a superstitious person, I don't even want to be too specific just in case it falls through. But I heard from the seller today, and it's significantly closer to becoming a reality than at any point up until now.

But you can count on plenty of pictures and the whole story if it ends up coming to fruition.

So do you succumb to impulse buys or do you exercise self control when it comes to needs vs. wants? Tell us about some of your impulse buys in the comments!