What Advice To Give Ocean County’s Graduates?
It's graduation season and we've been seeing footage of famous people giving commencement addresses.  The goal for the person at the podium is to share wisdom and inspiration that will prepare the grads for the real world.  People like Oprah, I'm sure, have a knack for those…
Here’s Why Getting Older Is A GOOD Thing
Over the past few days I've been asking people what they like about getting older.  Thanks to those of you who shared your opinions as well as my other friends and family members.  Since many of you will have birthdays coming up soon, I thought you might enjoy this recap of the positi…
What Are Your Favorite Quotes?
Sometimes, something that someone says has a profound impact on you. Maybe it's a song lyric, a passage from a book, or something that someone just said off the cuff without meaning to make a thoughtful statement. There are a lot of great quotes out there.