This May Be The Strangest Sport In The World [Video]
Sure, we have some strange sports here in America. We pioneered "competitive eating", after all (which has an organized league and governing body and everything). But the British may win this round when it comes to bizarre "sports". I present to you, "Wor…
Update – Popcorn Park Joins The Parkway Goat Saga
Yesterday we told you about the unusual Garden State Parkway visitors - a pair of goats who have been hanging out in the area of Exit 100 for a few weeks. Well, Popcorn Park Zoo has joined the effort to corral the critters, and their help looks like it's starting to pay off.
The Mystery Of The Parkway Goats
If you've been heading out on the Garden State Parkway in the last few weeks and thought your eyes were playing tricks on you when you thought that you spotted a pair of goats around Exit 100, we have good news - you're not seeing things.
Is This An Actual Photo Of The Jersey Devil?
Here at the edge of the Pinelands in Ocean County, some believe that we're near the home of the legendary Jersey Devil. It's a story that's been passed down for generations. But, with everyone carrying cameras with them wherever they go now, do we finally have photographic proof?
Elvis Is Spotted In Seaside Heights [Photo]
Since The King of Rock N' Roll's death in 1977, rumors have persisted about a secret life of Elvis Presley. With sightings from Vegas to Michigan and dozens of places in between, who'd think that The King would show up at the Jersey shore?

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