If you've been heading out on the Garden State Parkway in the last few weeks and thought your eyes were playing tricks on you when you thought that you spotted a pair of goats around Exit 100, we have good news - you're not seeing things.

According to The Asbury Park Press, a pair of the farm animals have been grazing on the side of the highway going on about a month now, but rescuers have had no luck corralling the critters.

The animals appear to be shy, so officials from the Associated Humane Societies of NJ haven't been able to get close to the kids. Nobody has reported missing pets, so they're not quite sure where they came from.

Of course, the main concern is for the safety of both the animals and motorists on the Parkway.

Officials are asking that if you spot the goats, one black and one white, that you not try to approach them yourself.

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