We have good news to report - the strange saga of "The Parkway Goats" has come to a safe ending. However, there were two surprises when the critters were finally corralled.

First - they're actually not goats at all. According to officials from The Popcorn Park Zoo, they're Katahdin sheep.

Second - there may be at least another sheep or two in the future. Humane Society officials believe that one of them may be pregnant. They believe that the black sheep is the white sheep's mother.

They were finally caught when they were lured through a fence and onto a farm near the Parkway. They were then coaxed into a barn where the rescuers simply closed the door.

John Bergman - Popcorn Park Zoo

After a thorough checkup, the fugitive mother and daughter pair have been brought to The Associated Humane Society's Tinton Falls facility, where they'll stay for a quarantine period. After that, they'll find a new home at The Popcorn Park Zoo.

So it's a happy ending for one of the more strange sights on the Garden State Parkway recently. We'll keep you updated and let you know when you can go visit the now famous sheep!