Keeping The Peace During Family Holidays
Take 5 individual personalities and put them in close quarters for a week during the holidays.  Is that a recipe for disaster?  Ha!  I hope not, as that’s what I’m about to do when I go on a cruise with my sister and her family.  Truth be told, we&…
Ocean County Library Solves Photo Dilemmas
Do you have hundreds of photos on your computer?  If someone asked to see a picture of your grandchild, vacation, or dog, how long would it take you to find one?  A common problem these days is that we have so many photos and no clear way of organizing or displaying them...
Road Trips To And From The Jersey Shore
If your Labor Day weekend involved a long road trip, I’m curious about a couple of things:  1) Do you make frequent stops along the way?  And 2) How do you pass the time?
Up until recently I thought that my way was everybody’s way...
Who Watches Ocean County’s Pets During Vacation?
My house was like a pet hotel this weekend.  The terrier arrived Friday and stayed til Saturday.  Right when she left, the corgi mix arrived.  He’ll be staying for a week while his Mom is away.  I’m happy to help the owners of both these dogs …
What Are Your “Required” Hotel Amenities?
While at a hotel this weekend, I observed people making use of the many different amenities.  Of course the teens were loving the free wi-fi. The little ones were splashing happily in the pool.  The grownups liked the coffee bar.  If you’ve ever looked online for accom…
Where Do You Take Your Summer Getaways?
We're in an interesting situation here in Ocean County - we live in a major destination all year-round. When much of New Jersey thinks about getting away for a week, a lot of them head to our area. But where do we go to get away?
A WOBM Winner’s Vacation Of A Lifetime
A few weeks ago, we told you about one of our co-workers who just took his very own Vacation of a Lifetime to Iceland. To follow that up, let's talk about one of our other fantastic locations courtesy of last year's Vacation of a Lifetime winner!

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