I Pulled A Prank That Went A Little Too Far [Video]
Last week, I was on vacation. I was in the Great White North of Canada (which was actually nicer weather-wise than the Jersey Shore was while I was away!).
They say that everyone is friendlier in Canada, and I found that to extend to the wildlife as well.
Why I Recommend A Visit To Iceland
Many people are surprised when I tell them that my flight to Iceland was less than 6 hours.  Because it's an island that sits in the North Atlantic Ocean, it seems so far away but really, you can get there faster than you can get to Seattle...
Do You Unpack Immediately After Vacation?
My suitcase is sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor and I've been walking around it since returning home from vacation.  Clearly, doing laundry has not been a priority.  There have been other, more important, things to do after being away for a week...

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