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Meet The Fresh Beat Band
It's our Morning Coffee Contest prize this week.  You can take the kids to see The Fresh Beat Band!  It's a band of 4 that sing and dance and gets pre-schoolers moving and dancing.  (They're really for kids of all ages...I love them!)
Good Bye to Alice
Ann B. Davis passed away this past weekend at the age of 88 best known for her role as Alice on "The Brady Bunch".  She was quick- witted, helped out The Brady's and I loved Sam the Butcher and Alice's relationship.
It’s National Bosses Day
Well, you could either love or hate your boss.  Either way Workforce Institute at Kronos, Inc. recently did a survey saying that most of us like our bosses.
Are You Sam or Norm or Diane?
Cheers premiered on this day in 1982.  It's where it all happened and still does.  There's a corner bar where there's so many different personalities and somehow they all mesh together.  And sometimes it makes the perfect TV show.

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