TV Shows

"I Love Lucy" premiered on this day in 1951.  It's such a staple of Pop Culture.  All the characters just worked and everyone wanted an Ethel or a Lucy as a best friend!  My favorite  moment on "I Love Lucy" has to be "The Chocola…
5 Seconds of Fame…And A Whole Lotta Fun
Of all the TV shows you watch during the week, think of how many have studio audiences.  Have you ever wondered where all those people come from?  Have you ever dreamt of being in the audience, seeing your favorite hosts and actors in person?
10 Things We Hate About 2011 [So Far]
So far, 2011 has been a year full of uncertainty and thrill with lots of of extraordinary happenings. From an inconclusive Judgement Day to gas hikes, mysterious weather and badly behaved politicians, we've had our fair share of things to complain about. Her