Everyone has to start someone. Even Taylor Swift. Check out this lost and found footage of the superstar starring in a production of The Sound of Music at a theater outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Taylor Swift: World Dominator

THIS is how we know Taylor Swift.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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And THIS is how we know Taylor Swift.

66th GRAMMY Awards - Taylor Swift
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And like THIS.

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But Taylor had a WHOLE other life before we all knew her name.

Ah, Humble Beginnings

I'm a SERIOUS Swiftie and even I've never seen her on stage as a kid in a musical or play.

I've seen her on stage playing her guitar at fairs and talent competitions, but never in something like The Sound of Music.

The newly-surfaced clip shows Taylor in the role of Maria in the Berks Youth Theatre Academy (in Temple, PA) production of The Sound of Music, Parade.com reports.

Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music'
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Yes, the LEAD role! The same one Julia Andrews immortalized on the big screen. Taylor barely looks like a middle schooler that's how young she is here.

@taylors_vault.13 Did you know Taylor was a theater kid? #taylorsvault13 #taylorswift #youngtaylorswift #kidtaylorswift #thesoundofmusic #theaterkid ♬ original sound - Taylor’s Vault

OMG, can you IMAGINE getting to say you saw Taylor Swift perform like this BEFORE she became the biggest superstar on the PLANET?

Lost and Found

Posted to social media by Taylor's Vault (@taylors_visit.13 on TikTok), the footage clearly shows the singer's passion for not only singing but emoting. You can see it on her face as she delivers her lines.

So, next time you watch the movie version of Cats (not that you ever would or should), and think maybe Taylor Swift was miscast as, let this video of her singing in The Sound of Music show she had the experience needed to at least try.


Do you want to see Taylor Swift in MORE musicals? Perhaps on Broadway someday? I would!

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