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How many of your Facebook friendships really matter?
Even though, you just celebrated Friendship Day last week, how many Facebook friends would you call during a crisis? Who would you turn to in a moment of urgent need?
A new study in the Royal Society Open Science Journal examined the quality of our Facebook friendships and whether we prefer a big gro…
Central Regional Students Inspire With A Simple Question [Video]
Sometimes, all we need to find true inspiration is to look to the younger generation. With all of the negativity online these days, a group of students at Central Regional High School recently had an assignment to come up with a positive social media campaign. They asked the simple question, &qu…
Facebook Tests Tool to Make It Easier to Remove Your Ex [POLL]
Facebook is testing a tool that you could consider to be a "breakup protection tool." This means that some users will be able to mark their former lovers as an ex. By doing that you won't need to unfriend them, and you won't be subjected to their posts in your newsfeed.

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