Can The Parkway Handle Traffic?
Today of course is Labor Day and the traffic northbound is a slow go ..... but is the Parkway as good as it used to be? Do you find yourself in more bottlenecks then ever on a road that's supposed to constantly flow? Is Route 9 a better option ?
Back roads are getting more congested in New Jersey
As congestion on New Jersey roads and highways keeps getting worse, a growing number of commuters are using back roads on their trip to and from work. The new traffic patterns have resulted in jams, especially in parts of Central Jersey, and new headaches for the state Department of Transportation (…
Wet Roads Can Still Be Dangerous In Ocean County
As the first storm of 2015 dumped half a foot of snow or more in most areas of Ocean County, ironically enough most of us are feeling relief. Relief that it wasn't that two feet or more that it could have been. But wet roads throughout the area are still concerns for travel throughout the count…
What’s The Worst Intersection in Ocean County?
We all have those intersections - those that we dread coming to because it's almost always a hassle. Whether it's the traffic pattern, the timing of the light, or the condition of the road, there are plenty of candidates for Worst Intersection in Ocean County.

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