Saying Goodbye To My Colorful Friends
As you saw in Sue's blog post, today is National Lipstick Day. I'm going to mark the day in a strange trashing almost every tube that's in my house.  The reason?  I've been hearing more and more about how cosmetics have a limited shelf life...
What is Ocean County’s Favorite Lipstick Color?
A new survey conducted by found that cities around the world have favorite shades of lipstick.
New Yorkers like classic red.
Las Vegas prefers bright coral orange
Washington, DC likes pink-red lips
In Miami people buy pale rose pink
Londoners prefer caramel nude shades
Australians wear 'coffe…
Lipstick and Football
I'm not what one would call a sports fan.  Baseball, football, basketball, that all of them?  Not sure.  The closest I've come to watching a game is to walk past a TV while one was on.