Justin Louis just gave me a gift.  Sort of.

I love Lipstick.  I love everything about lipstick.  I have at least 100 of them, 10 in my car alone, and they are scattered all over my house, so no matter where I go, or what time it is, I have a lipstick at hand. 

I find melted ones in my car in the summer, and frozen ones in the winter.   They are in my kitchen cabinets, desk draws, hey, there's even one here in the studio.  I go next to no where without lipstick. 

I'm an easy sale when it comes to a "new" color only to get home  and find I already have it, but hey, that's OK........in the world of lipstick addicts, that's what we call "a spare".  I have pink and red and purple and coral and every variation of each of those colors known to man...uh, um, I mean girls.

Justin Louis recently walked into the studio and told me he had something for me, but was hesitant...he wasn't sure I was going to like it.  WHAT? Of course I will, I love presents!

He handed me a Snapple top.  Snapple tops have "Real Facts" printed on the inside of them.  This particular top said  -----

            "Most Lipstick Contains Fish Scales". 


Thank you Justin, Merry Christmas to you too!