September 21st is known as International Peace Day.  The United Nations calls upon all of us to engage in education and awareness on issues related to peace.  Is your child's school doing something to mark the occasion?  Maybe the kids involved you in a homework assignment about peace.

If you would like more information about International Peace Day, click here:

I think back to my first exposure to the word "peace."  It was in the 70s when I saw people wearing peace signs around their necks.  Then I learned about the people who protest against war and want cease-fires.  Then, of course, when tragedy struck on September 11th, it seemed our world might never see peace.  Like many of you, especially after the explosion in Seaside, I often feel like peace seems unattainable.  And I hate that I feel that way.

So my goal is to advocate for peace in smaller, simpler ways.  Obviously I have no control over groups and countries which hate each other.  But I can try to live a good life.  I can be kind to people.  I can mediate differences between friends and family.  I can show by example how to respect people, even when they are disrespectful.  I can speak up when I see someone being taken advantage of.  I can try to be a Good Samaritan.

These small actions may not change the world but they can make our communities better, as well as our schools, workplaces, and homes.

What's something you can do here in Ocean County to make things a little more peaceful?