What Do You Do If Your Dog is a Picky Eater?
My dog has always been a really good eater. She doesn't wolf food down like some dogs do, and she'd usually eat when she wanted and leave the rest for later. But recently, she's gotten a lot more picky, to the point of it now being a concern.
Watch This Emotional Stray Dog Transformation [Video]
It may be hard to keep your eyes dry while you watch this video of a group trying to rescue a scared and filthy stray pup. After they finally wrangle the dog, he calms down while one of the rescuers gently rubs his head. They take him to a vet, get him cleaned up, and then we see the amazing transfo…
Watch This Comedian Try to Talk to Dogs [Video]
From the guys who brought you the fantastically confounded pups of "Magic For Dogs", the creators are trying to relate to their furry friends on a different level - by talking to them in their own language. Of course, we have no idea what they're actually saying, but based on the looks on …
Watch This Dog Go Bananas Over World Cup Soccer [Video]
If you've been a loyal reader of my blog, you know how much I love videos of dogs doing wacky things. With the World Cup tournament now in full swing, there are plenty of talented dogs trying to get some soccer love. While we don't know what this dog's soccer skills are like, he clear…

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