Watch This Dog Go Bananas Over World Cup Soccer [Video]
If you've been a loyal reader of my blog, you know how much I love videos of dogs doing wacky things. With the World Cup tournament now in full swing, there are plenty of talented dogs trying to get some soccer love. While we don't know what this dog's soccer skills are like, he clear…
Watch – An Inspirational Dog Will Touch Your Heart [Video]
There are few stories better than inspirational animal stories. And "Pig" the dog definitely fits the bill. Pig was born with a plethora of physical limitations - she's missing part of her spine, she has fused and twisted vertebrae, is missing a number of ribs and has twisted hips. But to …
“HAPPY” Dogs
This is awesome!  The hot song "Happy" from Pharrell's a "Happy" dog parody to make your Monday a great one!

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