“HAPPY” Dogs
This is awesome!  The hot song "Happy" from Pharrell's a "Happy" dog parody to make your Monday a great one!
My Dog’s Broken Leg
So, I told you about my dog, T, who broke her leg the other week--good news her leg is healing.  As you see in this video, she has a cast on, so it slows her down a little.  But she's moving around a lot and seems to be doing just fine.  I can always hear her coming down the hall…
Demand for Bomb-Sniffing Dogs on Rise [AUDIO]
Demand continues to grow for bomb-sniffing dogs across the United States, including in New Jersey, as the country continues to make security improvements. A K-9 academy in South Jersey is training many of the dogs used in New Jersey.
When My Dog Is Hurt…
my heart breaks, I'm so in love with my dogs and when one of them gets hurt, so does a piece of my heart.  My T broke her leg on Wednesday.
Watch – Confused Dogs Watch a Magician in this Hilarious Video
All dog owners know that look - the baffled look that dogs get on their faces when you pretend to throw a ball. They look around and try to figure where the heck it went. So what would happen if a sleight of hand magician made a treat disappear right in front of their noses. Watch the perplexed pooc…

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