Watch – An Inspirational Dog Will Touch Your Heart [Video]
There are few stories better than inspirational animal stories. And "Pig" the dog definitely fits the bill. Pig was born with a plethora of physical limitations - she's missing part of her spine, she has fused and twisted vertebrae, is missing a number of ribs and has twisted hips. But to …
“HAPPY” Dogs
This is awesome!  The hot song "Happy" from Pharrell's a "Happy" dog parody to make your Monday a great one!
My Dog’s Broken Leg
So, I told you about my dog, T, who broke her leg the other week--good news her leg is healing.  As you see in this video, she has a cast on, so it slows her down a little.  But she's moving around a lot and seems to be doing just fine.  I can always hear her coming down the hall…

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