Well, we've made it, it's Memorial Day Weekend. Some of us will be getting the heck out of town and some of us will stick it out. In my time living here at the shore, I've noticed a few sure-fire ways to tell that Summer has undoubtedly arrived (officially or not!):

  • You make a game out of seeing how many times you see people trying to make a left turn on 37 or 70.
  • You get asked way too many times, "do you know where I can find Snooki?"
  • You're a little afraid to light the grill because of all the hairspray and gel fumes hanging in the air.
  • You spend more time at the pool because you can't even get close to the ocean (thanks to Tina on our Facebook page!)
  • When you do decide to hit the boardwalk during the week, walking the boards reminds you of that sticky feeling of your college dorm hallway on a Monday morning.
  • Your half hour commute to or from work on Fridays is more like an hour and a quarter.
  • Your office is deserted by 4 on Friday afternoons (while you're stuck with something at the last minute).
  • You stock up for the weekend because you know that even trying to get to the grocery store is going to be an adventure.

So what are your sure signs that it's summer in Ocean County? Add yours in the comments section below!