Ever Lost or Found Something on a Jersey Shore Beach?
I’m sure some of you WOBM listeners have good Lost and Found stories to share. What’s the biggest or most valuable thing you ever lost? Did you ever find it? Did any lost item show up in an unusual place? Have you ever lost or found anything on a Jersey Shore beach?
How Do You Avoid Bug Bites at The Jersey Shore?
It's the perfect time of year to go to the beach and/or dine al fresco, but those pesky bugs can ruin an otherwise perfect day.  I'm talking about those Jersey Shore greenhead flies and those omnipresent mosquitoes.
I've heard people recommend bug sprays with DEET...
Tried and True or Exploring New?
It's been interesting to talk to people about their summer plans.  Of those who are going somewhere on vacation, there are some will head towards a new destination, while others are going to the same place they go every year.
Though I have some favorite spots that I sometimes return to, I g…
Book Recommendations For Ocean County Readers
There's something about this time of year that gets me reading.  Don't you love devouring a book while sitting on the beach?  And how about sitting on your deck or in your yard while flipping through your current novel or non-fiction title...
2017 Seaside Heights Camping on the Beach
It's National Camping Month!
It's out on the beautiful beach with the full moon!  If you're anything like me you've said I'd love to sleep out on the beach..well here's our chance!
Is It Silly To Be Spooked By Seaweed?
I saw a video clip over the weekend that showed a dog in a body of water that suddenly jumped up and ran out of the water as if he was terribly spooked.  The caption said something like "This is what I look like after feeling seaweed touch my leg...

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