It happened over the weekend.  I was with some friends at a doggie-play-date and some leaves fell right in front of us.  My one friend exclaimed with excitement, “Yes, the leaves are falling, FINALLY!”  The rest of us looked at him like he’s crazy.  This is the last (unofficial) weekend of summer, we thought. How could he be so happy when the rest of us were not wanting summer to end?

Autumn is actually my favorite season.  The clear skies, fall foliage, and crisp cool air makes me feel great.  But I don’t feel ready for it yet.  Do you?

What can we all do to keep that easy summertime at the Jersey Shore feeling going for a little while longer?  Besides walking the boards, going for ice cream at any of the great places in Ocean County,  and having a couple more barbecues, what can we do to keep it from feeling like Fall?