A couple of my friends have started discussions on Facebook today that got me thinking, what are the things that people do online that really drive you nuts? We'll take a look at a couple, then be sure to vote at the end of the article!

  • "Vaguebooking"

    This is the one that inspired this post. A friend of mine, just a few minutes ago, said how this practice drives him nuts. In short, vague Facebooking ("vaguebooking") is when someone posts a status that is either such an inside thing that only a tiny group of their friends would understand, or something that is purposely intended to get people to ask about it. A good example of a "vaguebook" - "Yup, it happened again, can't believe it"

  • Oversharing

    We've covered this one before, but it's worth including in this list. One of the great things about social media is the fact that we can tell a lot of people about our lives at the same time. But what's the limit of what you should be sharing? A job promotion? Great! Bought a new house? Congrats! Bad case of gout? Umm, do all your friends really need to know that?

  • Too much politics

    This is another one that I've touched on before. I enjoy a good, respectful political debate as much as anyone else. But I think we all have at least one friend on Facebook who only talks about their political opinions...constantly and sometimes forcefully. It's great to have opinions and be willing to enter into a debate with people of differing opinions, but surely their lives must include other things besides politics, no? 

  • Always complaining

    I get it, nobody's life is perfect. But, at the same time, to quote another friend of mine who was responding confidentially to me about a mutual friend, "life isn't that hard". We all have to vent at times, but along with sharing our down times and getting sympathy from friends, it's also good to share the good things that happen in life. If for no other reason than the fact that it's really nice to have other people pat you on the back and say "congratulations!"

  • Grammar

    The grammar thing can go both ways on social media. Maybe you're someone who notices poor grammar and it drives you crazy, but you could also be someone who types quickly and considers social media to be casual enough that grammar isn't a big deal. It's not like you're writing your doctorate dissertation, right? Whichever side of the line you fall on, grammar can get lots of peoples' knickers in a twist online.

  • Status games

    "This is a test to see how many people actually read this...leave a comment with..." Sure, it would be nice to know how many people are actually paying attention to what we're posting online, but isn't it just a little narcissistic to basically try to make your friends prove that they're actually reading what you're writing. I'll be honest, when I see these I purposely don't respond.