We love our High School mascots, bands and sports teams!  School Spirit is all over the Shore and I'm so proud of that.  Teachers, Parents and all the kids are a huge part of that.  GO TEAM!  Yay! 

Newsweek magazine’s list of the 1,000 top public high schools in America hits newsstands today. Measuring data such as percentage of graduates accepted to college, AP / IB tests per student and average SAT scores, Newsweek found that of the top 1,000, 138 of the schools are in California, 118 in New York, 86 in Texas, and 74 in New Jersey. The top 5 schools in the country:

 1. The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science – Bowling Green, KY

2. The School for the Talented and Gifted Magnet – Dallas, TX

3. Basis Scottsdale – Scottsdale, AZ

4. School of Science and Engineering Magnet – Dallas, TX

5. Basis Tucson – Tucson, AZ

What's the Best High School here at the Shore?