Is It Silly To Be Spooked By Seaweed?
I saw a video clip over the weekend that showed a dog in a body of water that suddenly jumped up and ran out of the water as if he was terribly spooked.  The caption said something like "This is what I look like after feeling seaweed touch my leg...
From Ocean County YMCA To Rio For Paralympics
Of the 8 New Jerseyans competing in Rio this month, 2 of the Paralympians are from Monmouth County.  Today, I'll share some information about Robert Griswold who has Cerebral Palsy.  He's a 19 year old swimmer who found comfort in and discovered his talent for swimming at the Oce…
Take Time For Water Safety [VIDEO]
The Folks at Nicholas Pools in Toms River want you to be safe this Summer. Join them for "water safety" classes with the American Red Cross. Watch this video with some great info on being safe this Summer......
Watch – This Is How Awesome Dogs Are [Video]
Dogs are awesome. This is just one example. This pup was just casually watching his person swimming in a pond, but when he thought that his owner was in trouble, he leaps into action. Diving into the pond, he gently ushers his human to safety. Watch for yourself:

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