A Southern Ocean County teen is hoping to bring comfort to the families who lost loved ones in the Connecticut school shootings with a song.

Michelle Lombardi (Photo by Ilya Hemlin)

18-year-old Michelle Lombardi of Barnegat wrote the song, "26 kisses" and is hoping to share it with the families who were devastated by the massacre.

"Usually when I write music it's about things that like touch me personally and when this happened it was like devastating that I couldn't get it off my mind no matter what and so I just decided to write a song about it."

Lombardi says her goal for the song "I just want it to get to the people who I wrote it for. You know, I just want the people in Connecticut to hear it and hopefully it will help them get through what they're going through right now."

Lombardi is scheduled to perform her song at two memorials in Connecticut, one of them takes place today. The Ocean County College student says the shootings deeply touched her because she has younger siblings and is hoping to become an elementary school teacher some day.