If you are a regular listener with Sue and I in the morning then you know I have a raccoon that has decided my home is her home! We think it's the same that has destroyed my roof and had babies in my kitchen wall! So I have taken listeners advice and purchased a "catch and release" trap and will try to relocate Mrs Raccoon to a new "wooded" neighborhood... far far away from my home!

Shawn Michaels

So Day One: I set the trap up complete with some tasty treats, including peanut butter and cat food and left the lights off so not to scare Mrs Raccoon, although I think she's past lights at this point .... no sounds from the cage and I left for work at 3:45 am .... however my Wife sent me a pic once it was light this morning and here's the results from our first night ....

Shawn Michaels

That's not Mrs Raccoon! It's Mr Possum! Who ate all the food and now I have to relocate him, meantime Mrs Raccoon is still out there! We will re-set and try Day Two later tonight ... stay tuned!

Here are the babies Mrs Raccoon left last time! Check out the video and rescue ....

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