The Amazing Spiderman is now out on DVD ... Lets take a look

First thing I thought as the Movie began.... I kinda been here and done it , but I decided to give it a chance. First thing is I liked the "Cast" Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott,Sally Field and Martin Sheen. They all did a great job....Actually liked Sheen and Fields better as Peter's Aunt and Uncle. Emma Stone is , as always, very good... liked her better then Kirsten Dunst as a romantic interest for Peter Parker.

The story has alot of plot pieces we've already traveled in previous Spiderman movies...but this one with the "Lizard" as the main "bad guy" is new and a good one.

Andrew Garfield is good as Peter Parker/Spiderman, but I'm not sure I'd pick him over Tober Maguire....but lets see how the next Spiderman turns out. I will say he makes a better "teen" then Maguire did, but in previous Spiderman movies he's was supposed to be a lil older.

Sad Uncle Ben ( Martin Sheen ) always has to get knocked off early, he was perfect for the role!

Lets hope they keep alil sense of humor with the future Spiderman movies and let him just swing,climb,fight and's what makes Spiderman fun!

PS- Throw him in the next Avengers movie ! ( Marvel )

This movie is not "dark" like Batman ... it's about a teenager trying to fit in and save the world at the same time ... enjoy the ride

:) :) :) out of 5