Like Windows 10 ?
Air conditioners are like computers- Both work fine until you open Windows!
So the last 2 weeks Windows released it's latest operating system Windows 10 .... A free upgrade for those with certain Windows versions. All I had to do was pre-order and wait til it was my turn to download. The l…
ShawnieMikes Radio Review [Lincoln]
Lincoln .... Let me first say if you are not a fan of "History" if your not a fan of "Period Pieces" and if your a fan of "Special Effects"  and Hollywood "Glam" then skip this movie! With that said if it's the opposit…
ShawnieMikes Radio Review [The Amazing Spiderman]
The Amazing Spiderman is now out on DVD ... Lets take a look
First thing I thought as the Movie began.... I kinda been here and done it , but I decided to give it a chance. First thing is I liked the "Cast" Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott,Sally F…

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