Is "Man of Steel" the best super-hero movie ever made?

So for Father's Day my Son ( Zach )  took me to the movies to see "Man of Steel". For me it's like an old friend seeing Superman back , for my Son's new territory, his generation doesn't really know Superman. So going in I think he wondered if the "Man of Steel" would hold up to "today's" Super-Hero movies ( Dark Knight, Iron Man, the Avengers, Spiderman, Captain America ...etc) Well as we left he said "YES" definitely! he added this movie and Dark Knight are the two best comic book movies ever, and I agree!

This version of Superman has heart and shows the life of this alien, both on and off planet earth. Lets face it it wasnt easy growing up being "Superman" and imagine a young boy dealing with this... not easy.

The Cast ...

Henry Cavill is a good Superman. He is up to date, less clumsy and did a good job.I'm glad we were spared the old Clark Kent tripping and fumbling around the Daily Planet.

Amy Adams was perfect for Lois Lane......Simple she was a great choice!

Michael Shannon is the perfect bad guy! Any fans of Boardwalk Empire know he is great at being a wacky bad guy. Shannon has the prefect "ROBOT-LIKE" approach to General Zod. As the character says " I exist for only one reason " and Shannon is the guy.

Russell Crowe ( Jor El ) Superman's "real"  Father is so much better than previous actors that played him. Crowe is great in the role and is a good Dad , despite a lot of turmoil lol

Diane Lane Kevin Costner are really good as the "Kents"  ... One of the BEST scenes of the movie is between Cavill and Costner !

Laurence Fishburne is a good pick for Perry White, he brings a sense of authority to the Daily Planet

and Christopher Meloni ( Law and Order SVU ) was nice to see as Colonel Hardy.

What I like about this version of Superman is that we get a look at him from birth to adult life and what he goes through and how he becomes who he is ... with influences from school, church, and parents  ( Both Human and Alien ) I also love the basic plot line of Good Vs Evil and of course the Man of Steel will always fight for whats right! As Jor-El ( Russell Crowe ) tells his Son 'We all possess the ability to do good" a nice way to live .....go see this movie is fun and thoughtful, a great summer escape ! btw I score it a TIE between Dark Knight and the Man of Steel !

:) :) :) :)  out of 5