Ending the school year on a high note? Metal thefts reach new heights in Manchester when four adults and two juveniles scale the roof of Manchester Township High School to steal seven metal letters.

Manchester High School

Police say the incident occurred at around midnight Monday when the individuals gained access to the roof and removed letters that had been attached to the building.

Police arrested township residents Antonio Jose Marrero, Roemello Manuel Muldrow, Damian Michael Moore and Antoinne Lamar Brown all age 18. The two juveniles were also residents of Manchester Township.

Police say the investigation resulted in the recovery of and return of the stolen property to the High School and the four adults were charged and released pending future court dates. The juveniles were also released to their parents.

This incident was investigated by Manchester Township Police School Resource Officer, Shawn Cavalcante, with the assistance of Patrolman Patrick Morgan, Detective Christopher Hemhauser and Eric Skieczius of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department's Criminal Investigations Unit.