At the start of the summer I promised myself I'd get outside and really enjoy the outdoors.  Specifically, I decided it would be nice to take a break each day and sit in the backyard with a cup of tea.  Here it is, the end of August, and I realize I've sat out maybe 5 times all season.  Shame on me!  Before long, winter will be here, the flowers will be dead, and it will be too cold to stay outside.

I'm really trying to add more balance in my life and nature is where I can find those 'moments of zen."  Yet, like many people, I get caught up in my deadlines and responsibilities without taking and appreciating those peaceful moments outside.

So I'm going public with my new promise:  I'm going to spend at least 10 minutes each day just sitting outside, soaking in the sun, admiring the colorful flowers, noticing the birds, bugs, and bunnies.   I'm going to just try to be still and relax and enjoy the time.  Disconnected from electronics.  Just savoring the remaining days of summer.

How do you enjoy the outdoors during the summer?   Please share in the Comments section below.