What was your first car ? Did you love it  ?

So recently my Wife and I had to purchase our Daughter "Erin" her first car! Wow makes me feel old now that she is just 20 days from becoming New Jersey's latest driver. Seems like just yesterday we were driving up the Garden State Parkway to Community Medical Center in an April snowstorm....we just made it in time :) it looked for a moment like I'd be delivering at the Forked River Rest Area lol .... I'm sure I'll be a little nervous as she heads out on the roads, as every Parent is, but she is a good driver and getting a lot of practice with Mom and Dad :)

So flashing back I can remember my first car a 1973 Dodge Dart. Funny seeing the "Dart" making a comeback and the new version out on the streets! A big difference in today's "Dart" My wife was sporting a much nicer car for her first ... a 1975 Camaro!

So what was your first car ? Did you love it ? Share your memories with us ....