What would you do with a million dollars? How about 363 million dollars? As of now, that's the jackpot in tonight's multi-state Mega Millions Lottery. The game is played in most of the country, 42 states and Washington, DC, including right here in New Jersey.

Normally I'm not a lottery player but when a jackpot gets this big I figure what the heck, it's only $1, why not? Plus, we all know that it's expensive to live here in New Jersey, but hey $363 million would go a long way to making those property taxes not sting quite as much, right? The drawing is at 11:00 tonight, so you still have some time to get your ticket and start planning for that huge beach house in Mantoloking!


So how about you, are you planning to get in on the Mega Millions tonight? What would you do with the jackpot if you won? Vote below, then leave us a comment and tell us what you'd do with a big lotto payday!