Hard to believe but we are about a week away from the start of school! and that means Mom and Dad packing lunches once again. Looking back at school I was trying to remember the things I loved in my lunch box.

It was always part of the "back to school" ritual to pick out a great lunch box, or as Sue calls them a lunch pail ... usually I'd go with a superhero theme (batman, superman, NOT aquaman) and they would be tin and had a matching themed thermos in them, which we rarely used.

So the first thing that popped into my head was pudding! Snack-Pack the little chocolate puddings that never expired and were always handy to throw into the lunch box. It was also a treat to see some cookies buried under your sandwich. I always loved PB&J and a package of salted peanuts was a treat. Chips and Pretzels were always welcome, but egg salad or spiced ham was not! My two worst sandwiches, however I like the egg salad now lol ... do they even make spiced ham now? yuck!

So what did you love to find in your lunchbox growing up ? and what was your favorite lunch box ?


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