Why Do Musicals Like “A Christmas Story” Get Bashed?
Last night FOX aired a live musical production of "A Christmas Story." My social media feed was full of people saying they shut it off because it was boring, terrible, etc. Then this morning I heard some more negative comments about it. With impressive writers and performers involved, a…
Do You Think Aliens Could Visit Ocean County?
Do you believe in alien life-forms? What do you think they look like? Do you expect to have a close encounter in Ocean County during this lifetime? If they asked you to show them around, what would you include on your tour of the Jersey Shore?
Jersey Shore Themed and Other Unique Gift Ideas
What I like about Etsy is that you can search for categories like "Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts," and "Gifts for Best Friends." If you have a particular price point in mind you can search for that. And if you're looking for items that celebrate your love of The Jersey Sho…
I’m Growing To Love This Tiny Tree
Determined to get my house decorated Saturday, but not wanting to go out into the cold and snow, I decided NOT to search in the garage for my full-size Christmas tree. Instead, I'm making peace with my small 4 foot tall pre-lit tree. It's essentially a backup tree. Plan B if you will. …

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