Every Olympics spawns stars. Some names of Olympics past; Kerri Strug, Apolo Ohno, and of course Michael Phelps. This time around you can't turn on the TV or go online without hearing Ryan Lochte's name.

In general, Olympic champions have a big surge of popularity; cereal boxes, product endorsements, TV guest appearances, etc, and then settle into something. Whether it's becoming a commentator, a coach, or continuing competition, most big Olympians have handled their fame well (with a few bumps in the road of course).

But I'm wondering if, before the games even end, Ryan Lochte might be in danger of becoming way overexposed. Even as an unprecedented talent, Michael Phelps has managed to keep a generally modest attitude, but Lochte is already making waves (pun intended) for some showmanship out of the pool.

One hilarious article even bemoaned the fact that he is "America's sexiest [jerk]" (I'm paraphrasing to keep it family friendly, you can check out the whole article by clicking here).

Now we're hearing news of Lochte fielding offers for "Dancing With the Stars", "The Bachelor" (which, one media analyst says he's be perfect for, "Especially after his mother's one-night-stand comment"), and apparently at least three reality shows.

So what do you think, should Ryan take a page from the Apolo Ohno playbook, do a few endorsements, maybe "Dancing" and then keep a low profile until Rio, or should he grab all the opportunities he can? Vote below and feel free to elaborate in the comments section!