Just last week we were talking about the joys of leftover (and deeply discounted) Easter Candy. I admit that I did partake in some goodies on sale, but now I'm stuck with a problem.

I seriously can't even give away the black jelly beans!

After stocking up at the Target on 70 in Brick, I already carefully picked through the bag to make sure I didn't get any unexpected (and unwelcome) surprises, but now, as you can see in the picture, I'm left with a handful of licorice lurking at the bottom of the bag.

Being someone who likes to share, I offered them around the office. No joke, everyone I asked not only declined, but most made a disgusted face. Of everyone that I offered at the office, the only one who admitted to liking black jellybeans (just in case you needed proof that Kevin Williams is a weird dude) is avoiding candy at the moment.

So here they sit, in the candy dish at the front desk for anyone to take...I have a feeling they'll be there for a while. If you happen to stop by to pick up a prize, feel free to help yourself!

So how about you, do you like black jellybeans? Vote below and feel free to leave a comment!