One of the good things about social media - it's easier than ever to get your talent out to the masses. The bad thing- people have to wade through a lot of junk to find you. But if you can make yourself stand out in seven seconds or less, you could be the next Internet sensation.

There are some people who have legitimately become stars thanks to the Internet.

Justin Bieber is probably the best known example - he was "discovered" on YouTube by hip hop star Usher, and the rest has become tabloid history.

Have you seen your kids watch helium voiced "Fred" on Nikelodeon? Well, he started as the brainchild of YouTuber Lucas Cruikshank.

And of course Twitter has made stars of regular people, too (for better or for worse).

Now, there's a new outlet - Vine.

Vine is a "microblogging" site. It allows users to make short video clips. And I'm talking really short. Like, 7 seconds, short.

How can you possibly make an impression in seven seconds? Well, some people have. Puckish Frenchman Jerome Jarre has amassed nearly 4 million followers and become one of the top "Viners" (yes, apparently that's a verb now). And, as we told you about recently, Bayville resident Nick Santonastasso has become a Vine sensation.

But here's my problem with all of these social media outlets (a topic inspired by Vine's exploding popularity) - people have seen stars being born and want to be the next.

So, basically, everybody is trying to replicate what's already worked for someone else. That's where I have an issue - when something's already been done, you're just copying it (usually, poorly).

I find that Vine videos consist mostly of people apoplectically yelling, accosting strangers, or just being nonsensically weird - and hoping that their shenanigans will catch on. Unfortunately, 99% of it is just annoying.

Now, that's not to say that there aren't any more stars in the making out there, but I'm willing to bet that those people are going to be the ones who can figure out how to do something that hasn't already been done.

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