The government shutdown is in full effect in Washington, however some of its effects can be felt in Ocean County as well.

Barricades around the World War II Memorial prevent people from entering the monument on the National Mall (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

County Administrator Carl Block points out with the exception of the Women Infant Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutritional Program, all other county programs remain operating. He does note county employees will still be available to take WIC paperwork.

“Once you’re qualified and certified to get a payment it comes directly from the federal government. Since that department has no federal employees in it, there is no money being dispensed today.” Adding the state is discussing on how to create a bridge plan to help people needing WIC services.

Block explains most other federal programs run by the county have already either received their funding or bill the federal government to be repaid at a later time. He notes for the most part there shouldn’t be any issues.

“If we’re working on a project that involves, let’s say federal highway dollars, and our engineers are working and come up with a question and say ‘I want to check with federal highway authorities’, we have no one to call.”

Block expects services to run smoothly for the remainder of the week, however after that “it doesn’t change dramatically it just starts to be cumulative. A little bit of paper work is going to start backing up.”