Government operatives, CIA connections, martial law. Those are just some of the theories that are being passed around in the aftermath of the terrible Boston Marathon bombings. 

It's almost become expected that conspiracy theorists start to speak up immediately after national tragedies happen. From Oklahoma City to 9/11, and even the Sandy Hook shootings and the Aurora, CO movie theater murders.

But not only are the usual suspects of over the top talk show hosts and self proclaimed online "investigators" getting in on the shadow government talk on this one, but even a New Hampshire lawmaker is saying that Boston was an inside job.

Personally, I think it's ridiculous and insulting to those injured and killed in the attacks, which is the main reason that I'm not linking to the theories. I don't think that the paranoia deserves any further publicity.

But who knows, maybe I'm in on the conspiracy too.

So what do you think? Are we not being told everything and is the government in on it, or are the conspiracy theories just the babbling of paranoid over thinkers?