My trip to the department store last night had me gasping.

Why are the shoe racks full of heels that are at least 4 inches high?  Why are women buying them?  Sure, we've all heard the fashion experts say that a shoe with a heel elongates a woman's leg so she looks taller and more attractive.  But how attractive will you feel if you're in an ACE bandage or cast?   Guys, are you really turned on by stiletto heels?  Gals, why do you wear these to work?  Isn't it hard to focus on your job when you're toes are hurting?   In recent days I've seen women wobble on the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia.  I've seen a shoe get stuck between two boards on the boardwalk.  And I'm still perplexed by the women I saw trying to climb the uneven hills to the Acropolis.  In stilettos.

Don't get me wrong.  I love shoes!  I think most women love shoes. But 5 inch heels do not love us back. Why are shoemakers making theses stilts that are difficult if not
dangerous to walk in?  Why do we keep buying them?  Please comment below.   And if any of you work in an emergency room or podiatrist's office, we'd love to hear your side of the story, too.