Ocean County Looks Good in Denim
I just couldn't comprehend the headline about how people shouldn't wear jeans past the age of 53. Did you see that? The British study pointed towards the fact that women find it very stressful trying to find jeans that fit. It mentioned how the ordeal actually makes some people cry. I …
How Do You Feel About Uniforms at Ocean County Workplaces?
The traditional working man's uniform is a business suit, so he just has to decide what color shirt and tie to wear and he's all set. Women, however, are faced with so many choices when it comes to fashion. If we simplify the getting dressed process we'll have more time and energy t…
Do You Pay Attention To NY Fashion Week?
Do you pay attention to what's en vogue? Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Is it from magazines? From photos of celebs on the red carpet? From e-mails sent by the stores you patronize? Or do you just buy what catches your eye at the store?

Where Are The Fashion Bargains In Ocean County?
It's the day after the Screen Actors Guild Awards and I'm thrilled to see Bryce Dallas Howard in the headlines.  Not because she was a nominee, but because she rocked an inexpensive dress that us "regular people" can afford.  Howard has been showing up on red ca…
The Future of Fashion Looks Bigger and Better
Some changes are afoot in the fashion world, and it's about time!  New York Fashion Week featured more "regular people" and "plus size" models than ever before.  Is this a sign that more designers will start making clothing that will fit larger wome…
How Many Times Do You Wear Jeans Before Washing Them?
There are few things better than finding the perfect pair of jeans - a set that fits just right and is the perfect color. The only problem is, when you do find them, you don't want to wash them because you know they'll start to fade and, worse, shrink.
#Ask Her More
Have you heard about the movement encouraging reporters to ask actors deeper, more relevant questions than just "who are you wearing?"  Reese Witherspoon has been vocally promoting the Twitter campaign #AskHerMore and it seems many people, inside Hollywood and out, are support…
What Kind Of Sunglasses Do You Like?
There are so many different kinds of sunglasses out there these days. And you can spend anywhere from $5 to over $500. So when it comes to summer shades, what direction do you go in?
You Can Buy Google Glass Today But Should You?
One surefire way to spot someone on the cutting edge of technology is if they're sporting Google's exclusive wearable computer, "Google Glass". Until today, you had to be someone in the know to score the desirable device. As of this writing, you can go buy it for yourself…

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