We've racked up hundreds of votes since Monday in our summer sunset photo contest, and there's still time to vote for your favorite!

After receiving over 100 entries (actually, it was more like 120!), we narrowed the field down to the top 20.

Originally, the plan was to present the top 10, and get a winner from there. But we received so many outstanding entries that we couldn't narrow it down to just 10!

So we doubled it, picked 20 (which itself wasn't easy!), and expanded the voting to two rounds.

So right now we're asking you to vote for one of the 10 that will make it into the finals. From there, the winner that receives the most votes will get a $100 gift certificate to Artisan's Restaurant & Brewery in Toms River!

Have you picked your favorite yet? If not, check them all out in the gallery above, and vote below!



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